Saturday, January 30, 2010

Damn good cheese and crackers (and shrimp)

Tonight we made a trip to Uwajimaya to look at folding screens. We didn't come home with one, but we came home with two pounds of shrimp which we promptly breaded and fried ala Emeril. We chickened out of making a full pound - so we needed a little extra to fill us up. Jason broke out the cheese and crackers. We had a little slice of heaven from PCC called Ewephoria Gouda, a Sheep's Milk Gouda. And Jason had picked up a package of rice crackers who-knows-where that I had never tried before. They were so good that I had to go out the kitchen and look at the label. I have to say, my new favorite gluten-free cracker is the Edward and Sons Unsalted and Plain Brown Rice Snaps. They're not too salty and have a fuller flavor than white rice crackers, IMHO. Anyway, both were so good that I had to blog about them... which, given my low blogging frequency, says a lot!

Monday, January 25, 2010

a comment on marriage by melville dewey

as an escape, i wandered through the aisle of the local library on sunday.

i have to confess that i have a fair amount of fear about getting married -- and the close proximity of the wedding books to the books on mummies didn't make it easier to sleep at night.