Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Plan vs Execution


3:45 Leave desk

3:50/54 Catch 41 in the tunnel at Pioneer Station. [3:50 = ID; 3:54 = University Station; No timestop for Pioneer Station.]

4:10 Arrive at Northgate transit center

4:14 Depart via the 75

4:30 Jump off the 75 at 115th

Trundle downhill to my house and wander in the door around 4:36 pm.


3:45 Leave desk.

3:52 Arrive in tunnel just as a light rail train pulled away northbound

3:54 Catch 41 in the tunnel at Pioneer Station. FWIW, I believe this may have been my originally intended bus since it was labeled "Northgate only" and my planned bus 3:50/3:54 doesn't go to LCW.

4:14 Leap off the back of the 41, flash my badge to the driver in the front, and RUN-HANDS-IN-THE-AIR after the 75, just BARELY missing it pull away from the bay, as in, I almost touched the back of the bus...

4:15 *sigh*

4:17 Catch the next 41 to LCW from the Northgate transit center. (Alternative: Wait until 4:44 for the next 75 and get home around 5:02.)

4:30 Hop off the bus at 125th and 30th.

Speed walk in the cold for 16-18 minutes until I walked in the door at 4:48 pm

Action Items

Clearly, for this plan to ever succeed, I need to catch an earlier 41.