Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HT Market

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I've recently moved from an ideal spot equal distant between Trader Joes and Whole Foods to a spot that, until tonight's revelation, I thought was slightly less ideal.

The closest grocery store to my new home is HT Market. There's a great write-up of HT Market at ilikefood.

For those of you familiar with Uwajimaya, I have to say... HT Market takes it up a notch. If a regular grocery store is a Mac. Uwajimaya is a PC. HT Market is X Windows running TWM.

That said, tonight I found the "vege" frozen foods. I couldn't resist the "Vege Chicken Ball" or the "Vege Black Pepper Steak."

And so it begins...

There are times - just a few times - when I feel like blogging about something that isn't exactly Grete related. This blog is for those times. Title credit goes to my officemate. He came up with the name "Wet Dog" for a blog about a girl living in Seattle with a dog. "Wet Dog Smell" came from the fact that "Wet Dog" was already taken on blogger, and here we are. A blog, not necessarily about a dog, and yet... one that has "dog" in the title. It's a catchall blog. The title doesn't necessarily have to make sense.