Thursday, March 26, 2009


We've subscribed to the Seattle Times via the Kindle. I've been feeling more "in touch" with news. Or so I thought...

This afternoon my physical therapist mentioned flooding in the Midwest, and I told her about the Fargo flood of 97 that I survived in college. I figured not much could top that.

Tonight I went online. Wow. The flood in Fargo / Moorhead going on right now is much worse than the flood of 97 -- many feet worse. Tonight, my college closed and asked everyone to evacuate. That area of town is "protected" and in 97, we never shut down. (Students were excused to volunteer to go sandbag the homes of friends, family, and professors, but the college did not close.)

Clearly, I need a better and/or more personalized national news source than the Seattle Times if I'm going to be truly connected.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Quest for Cubic Feet

[Reposting because I accidentally left this in draft mode when adding a vehicle to the list]

Before it gets lost in the sea of useless information on my hard drive, here are the alleged cubic feet of most of the AWD SUVs (and one or two minivans) that I've at one time or another considered. I find it humorous and a little unbelievable that the Sienna has more room behind its 3rd seat than I have in my entire Golf.

My Current Tiny Car: VW Golf
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 18.0
Cargo to 1 41.8

Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 21.9
Cargo to 1 61.8

Subaru Forester
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 30.8
Cargo to 1 63.0

Ford Escape
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 29.2
Cargo to 1 66.3

Grand Cherokee
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 29.5
Cargo to 1 66.8

Dodge Journey
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 37.1
Cargo to 1 67.6

Jeep Commander
Cargo to 3 7.5
Cargo to 2 36.3
Cargo to 1 68.5

Jason's Subaru
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 36.1
Cargo to 1 69.5

Mazda Mazda5
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 44.4
Cargo to 1 70.9

Volkswagon Toureg
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 31
Cargo to 1 71

Subaru Tribeca
Cargo to 3 8.3
Cargo to 2 37.6
Cargo to 1 74.4

Toyota 4runner
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 42.2
Cargo to 1 75.1

Nissan Pathfinder
Cargo to 3 16.5
Cargo to 2 49.2
Cargo to 1 79.2

Chevy Trailblazer
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 41.0
Cargo to 1 80.1

2007 Highlander Hybrid
Cargo to 3 10.5
Cargo to 2 39.7
Cargo to 1 80.6

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 46.4
Cargo to 1 82.0

Lexus 400h
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 38.3
Cargo to 1 84.7

Ford Explorer
Cargo to 3 NA
Cargo to 2 45.1
Cargo to 1 85.8

Ford Taurus-X
Cargo to 3 20.8
Cargo to 2 47.0
Cargo to 1 85.5

Honda Pilot
Cargo to 3 18.0
Cargo to 2 47.7
Cargo to 1 87.0

2009 Highlander Hybrid
Cargo to 3 10.3
Cargo to 2 42.3
Cargo to 1 94.1

Mazda CX-9
Cargo to 3 17.2
Cargo to 2 48.4
Cargo to 1 100.7

Chrysler Aspen
Cargo to 3 19.0
Cargo to 2 67.25
Cargo to 1 102.4

Ford Expedition
Cargo to 3 ..
Cargo to 2 55
Cargo to 1 106.3

Saturn Outlook
Cargo to 3 24.1
Cargo to 2 68.6
Cargo to 1 115.9

GMC Acadia
Cargo to 3 21.4
Cargo to 2 68.9
Cargo to 1 116.9

Chevy Traverse
Cargo to 3 26.1
Cargo to 2 68.3
Cargo to 1 117.9

Toyota Sequoia
Cargo to 3 18.9
Cargo to 2 66.6
Cargo to 1 120.8

Toyota Sienna
Cargo to 3 43.6
Cargo to 2 94.5
Cargo to 1 148.9

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I had been growing my hair out for a few years for various reasons. At first, it was to get past a weird phenomena of my hair where it "wings out" just above my shoulders. Then, I got engaged and "wedding hair" was just around the corner. Then, we decided to postpone the wedding a year so "wedding hair" was no longer an immediate excuse. So... why not? Time for some change!

Yes, I consulted with Jason before hand. He re-iterated his love of short hair, and we agreed on a length. It will soon be summer. :-)

At the salon, Lyndsay mentioned that I might be cutting off enough to donate it -- and, bing! That was it. I was so excited about having enough to donate that concerns of the "wing out" phenomena were secondary. I proclaimed bravely, "Hair grows! I can learn to use a blow dryer and a flat iron if necessary!"

Leaving the salon, I actually skipped like a little girl. I felt good about my cut and I felt extra good about donating my hair to Locks of Love.

Right now, I have no regrets. I'm off to hop in the shower soon. We'll see if the "wing out" demon returns. But even if it does... whatever. :-)

Either way, you should check out the cute-cute-cute pictures that Jason took of me immediately after my hair cut.

Jason's photos of my new hairdo